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low performance software to ASICs.

Netint ASIC Codensity G5

Enabling the next generation of video.

NETINT ASIC-powered VPUs have encoded 200 billion minutes of video resulting in the equivalent of 2.8 million trees saved and the removal of 64,000 metric tonnes of CO2. It’s a memorable milestone but baby steps in our ultimate mission to convert the world to ASIC-based video encoding from software.

Innovation Drives Us

Changing the Way Video Is Encoded


We are moving video encoding from low performance software to high performance ASICs running on x86 and Arm-based servers.


See the world move from software to ASIC-based video encoding to improve scalability, lower TCO, and reduce carbon emissions.

The Why

As video on the Internet moves from file-based to live, we believe ASICs will be the engine powering all video experiences.

Use cases and advanced applications

Flexible for Critical Use-Cases


System scale | Supports Edge DCs | Low network bandwidth OPEX | AI engine | Lowest power/footprint/space requirement

Ad Insertion

High-density encoding | Faster than real-time | Global scale | Broadcast quality | High Dynamic Range | 4K & 8K ready

Cloud Gaming

Ultra-low latency | Interfaces with all rendering engines | Lowest TCO | Scalable to millions of streams | HDR, 4K & 8K ready

Live Streaming

More than 20x encoding density compared to CPU & SW | Real-time encoding | Broadcast quality | HDR, 4K & 8K ready | AV1, HEVC, H.264


Ultra-low latency real time performance | Lowest TCO | Scalable infrastructure | HDR, 4K & 8K ready | AV1, HEVC, H.264

Video Conferencing

Enterprise video scale | Ultra-low latency performance | 20x density advantage vs. SW | Works in Arm & x86 servers

The Numbers

The ASIC Advantage

“We started NETINT with a big dream of combining the benefits of silicon with the quality and the flexibility of software for video encoding using purpose-built ASICs designed by us. In 2021 NETINT customers encoded 200 billion minutes using our innovative video processing units.”

Alex Liu, Co-Founder, NETINT

0 +minutes
1 X

Higher efficiency compared with SW on CPU.

Using ASICs you can achieve a 20x higher efficiency compared with SW on CPU. This means reducing your operational cost by an order of magnitude.

0 X

Reduced CO2 compared with SW on CPU.

Using ASICs you can improve environmental sustainability by reducing CO2 more than 80 times compared to software running on x86 CPUs in a data center.

150 $

1080p60 live streaming cost per channel.

With ASIC’s you can have it all – the flexibility and quality of SW with enormous power and cost benefits for as low as $150 per channel for a 1080p60 live stream.

ASICs vs. GPUs vs. CPUs

With NETINT VPUs, you can deliver 10,000 concurrent streams using just 32 servers compared to 1,250 for software. This is why Google built a custom ASIC for YouTube. Since not everyone can build their own ASIC, we did it for you so that you too can realize as much as an 80x density and environmental advantage compared to GPU and CPU.


ASICs vs. GPUs vs. CPUs - comparison
ASICs vs. GPUs vs. CPUs - comparison

When looking at the four major attributes of Video Quality, Bitrate Efficiency, Operational Complexity, and Integration Flexibility, ASICs outperform CPU and GPU. If you are intrigued, talk to us and let’s schedule an evaluation so that you can experience the power of ASIC video encoding.



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NETINT Leadership Team

World Changers

NETINT Technologies is a Canadian venture-funded technology company operating in the silicon sector as an innovator of SoC solutions for video streaming and AI.  NETINT was founded by an experienced team of silicon experts, video engineers, and streaming video industry insiders. We have R&D facilities in Vancouver, Toronto, and Shanghai.

With the rise of ultra-high scale video conferencing, interactive entertainment experiences, cloud gaming, and real-time metaverse platforms, the need for more efficient video encoding for the data center has never been greater. If you believe that video encoding and streaming has reached the limit of technical and economical viability on CPU, and you want to build the future, come join us! 


Alex Liu

Co-Founder & COO


Daniel Zhou

Technical Director



Co-Founder & CTO

Randal Horne - Netint HEAD OF GLOBAL SALES

Randal Horne

Head of Global Sales


John Plasterer

Technical Director


Shon Low

R&D Director

Mark Donnigan


Head of Strategic Marketing

Meet the NETINT leadership team. We are a group of highly dedicated
and passionate silicon engineers, scientists, and video technology innovators.

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