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Eco-Friendly Video Encoding Servers

In 2022, both the public and private sectors are increasingly calling for hyper-scale video services and streaming platforms to reduce their environmental impact. To accomplish this, the streaming industry requires video encoding solutions to meet the video quality requirements of users while emitting fewer carbon emissions and consuming less power. Hence the Eco-Friendly Video Encoding Servers.

Supermicro & NETINT teamed up on Eco-Friendly Video Encoding Servers for the Data Center

With IT managers, video encoding engineers, and public cloud video infrastructure suppliers under pressure to reduce costs and cut carbon emissions, NETINT and Supermicro have teamed up to offer resource-saving encoding solutions that reduce TCO by 20x while simultaneously lowering carbon emissions and power usage. 

Supermicro is a leading supplier of servers and storage systems with an innovative architecture that utilizes modular hardware subsystems that enable the reuse of system enclosures, networking, storage, cooling fans, and power supplies. This modular architecture enables compute resources to be refreshed independently, allowing datacenters to reduce refresh cycle costs. 

NETINT video processing units enable any hyperscale video service or platform to move from computationally expensive software to ultra-efficient ASIC-based encoding. Leveraging unique ASIC CodensityTM architecture, NETINT VPUs features ultra-low latency AV1, AVIF, HEVC, and H.264 real-time encoding. 

Introducing the Supermicro 4K Video Transcoding Server

NETINT and Supermicro have collaborated to produce the Supermicro 4K Video Transcoding Server.  The Supermicro 4K Video Transcoding Solution is powered by ten NETINT T408 video transcoders and is built on the Supermicro A+ Server 1114S-WN10RT platform and features advanced decoding and encoding capability at up to 4K resolution with 10-bit HDR. The Supermicro 4K Video Transcoding Server, with its ultra-high performance ASIC-powered encoding capabilities, can encode up to 40 live HEVC and H.264 broadcast quality 1080p60 streams simultaneously while reducing TCO and carbon emissions by up to 20x compared to software-based encoding! 

NETINT VPUs can be easily installed in all Supermicro servers using U.2 or PCIe interfaces, enabling an easy upgrade path for any video service or platform wanting to move from software operating on x86 CPUs to much more economical and environmentally friendly hardware-based encoding without disrupting an existing transcoding workflow

The Supermicro 4K Video Transcoding Server future proofs hyper-scale real-time
streaming video platforms with higher levels of performance compared to CPU-based software-encoding systems while simultaneously reducing TCO by as much as 10x and carbon emissions 20x.

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