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NETINT Joins the Alliance for Open Media

WAKEFIELD, Mass. – March 30, 2021 – The Alliance for Open Media (AOMedia) today announced that NETINT Technologies, an innovator of ASIC-based video processing solutions for low-latency video transcoding, has joined the organization at the Promoter level. As a member of the Alliance, NETINT Technologies will collaborate with AOMedia members, the leading internet and media technology companies, to advance open standards for media compression and delivery over the web while promoting hardware video encoding adoption.

NETINT Technologies recently unveiled the world’s first commercially available hardware AV1 transcoder enabling video operators to easily upgrade their x86 or Arm-based software encoding operations to hardware-based video encoding. With the explosion of video-enabled communication apps and entertainment services, there is a significant need for high quality video encoding solutions that integrate easily with existing cloud and data center hosted video encoding workflows.

NETINT Technologies’ Codensity™ G5 ASIC-based AV1 video transcoders enable video operators to unlock the full potential for high-quality video in cloud mobile gaming, live streaming, video conferencing, remote desktop, social video streaming, OTT, and AR/VR applications and services.

“We are thrilled to join AOMedia as the first company to integrate AV1 into a data center ASIC-based hardware encoder – a video streaming industry first,” said Alex Liu, Co-Founder and COO of NETINT. “Like AOMedia, we are passionate about building impactful video solutions that leave an indelible mark on the world and we look forward to working with our fellow members to deliver better video streaming experiences.”

As a result of AV1’s improved data compression over existing standards, fewer bits need to be streamed to reach a high visual quality level and user experience. NETINT Technologies’ hardware transcoders are available in the compact 2.5” U.2 NVMe and AIC (add-in-card) form factors making it simple for video services and streaming platforms to reduce TCO while increasing their density and performance up to 10X without replacing their x86 or Arm-based servers.

“We are excited to welcome NETINT Technologies to AOMedia,” said Matt Frost, AOMedia Vice President of Communications and Membership, and Director at Google. “NETINT’s expertise in ASIC-based hardware encoding for hyperscale and premium video platforms will benefit the video streaming ecosystem. We look forward to collaborating with NETINT on our goal to grow hardware adoption of the AV1 standard in hardware and increase openness and interoperability of internet video.”

About NETINT Technologies

NETINT Technologies is an innovator of ASIC-based video processing solutions for low-latency video transcoding that operates on x86 and ARM-based servers. Users of NETINT solutions realize a 10X increase in encoding density and a 20X reduction in carbon emissions compared to CPU-based software encoding solutions.

NETINT makes it seamless to move from software to hardware-based video encoding so that hyper-scale services and platforms can unlock the full potential in their computing infrastructure. NETINT is a VC-backed company made up of silicon innovators passionate about building high-impact solutions that leave an indelible mark on the world. NETINT R&D and business offices are in Vancouver, Toronto, and Shanghai. Visit netint.com to learn more.

About the Alliance for Open Media

Launched in 2015, the Alliance for Open Media (AOMedia) was formed to define and develop media technologies to address marketplace demand for an open standard for video compression and delivery over the web. Board-level, Founding Members include Amazon, Apple, Arm, Cisco, Facebook, Google, Intel, Microsoft, Mozilla, Netflix, NVIDIA, Samsung Electronics and Tencent. AOMedia’s open-source, royalty-free video codec AV1 is a significant milestone in the ability to deliver a next-generation video format that is interoperable, open, optimized for internet delivery and scalable to any modern device at any bandwidth. Visit www.aomedia.org or follow AOMedia on Twitter at @a4omedia.

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