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Video Transcoder

Codensity T432 contains four Codensity G4 ASICs in a PCIe card. Operating in x86 and Arm-based servers, the T432 enables video streaming services to easily move from software to hardware-based encoding to power real-time video applications at a 10x lower TCO.

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Encoding Density

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Energy Efficiency

Netint Codensity, ASIC-based T432 Video Transcoder



Designed for the Data Center

High Density Real-time UHD Video Transcoding

T432 modules take full advantage of ASIC-based video processors inside the Codensity G4 SoC technology to support an  H.264 and HEVC transcoding throughput of 240 fps of 4K UHD video, or 16x 1080p60 streams per T432 module. At lower resolutions, even more, simultaneous streams can be supported.

By offloading complex encode/decode processing to the ASIC, the T432 video transcoders minimize host CPU utilization. The result is a significant improvement in real-time transcoding density compared to any software or GPU-based transcoding solution.

Integrates into Enterprise-Class NVMe Servers

Available in the popular PCIe form factor, the T432 offers a simple upgrade path from CPU based software to ASIC video encoding on any x86 or Arm server.

Software Integration with FFmpeg & GStreamer Library Support

Many video processing and transcoding applications developers are familiar with FFmpeg and GStreamer, two open-source software libraries offering a vast suite of video processing functions. The T432 includes highly efficient FFmpeg and GStreamer compatible SDKs, allowing operators to apply an FFmpeg/libavcodec or GStreamer patch to complete the integration.

The libavcodec patch on the host server functions between the T432 NVME interface and the FFmpeg software layer, allowing existing video transcoding applications to achieve quick and significant performance and capacity upgrades.

High Power Efficiency

Each T432 PCIe module consumes just 28W of power at full load. Plug four T432 modules into a server, and you have a highly efficient video transcoding server capable of 64 simultaneous 1080p60 live streams.


Unmatched Video Quality and High-Density Encoding

20x More Efficient

10x Higher Density

Ultra Low Latency


Scalable H.264 and HEVC Real-time Transcoding
4x 4Kp60 or 16x 1080p60 HEVC & H.264 Live Streams
ABR Ladders with different Codecs, Resolutions, Frame Rates
Requires 80% Less Power than Software running on CPU
Easy Integration with FFmpeg or Xcoder lib API
Programmable Region of Interest (ROI)
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High-Density Transcoding Solution

T432 is based on four NETINT Codensity G4 ASICs with support for H.264 and HEVC video encoding up to 4K resolution with 10-bit HDR. 

The NETINT T432 Video Transcoder plugs easily into x86 or Arm enterprise-class servers for an easy upgrade path from software to hardware video performance. 

The high throughput of the T432 enables ultra-low latency encoding of 16 broadcast quality 1080p60 streams per PCIe slot.

T432 Video Transcoder Specifications


  • Form Factor AIC (HHHL)
  • Interface PCI-Express 3.0x16 bifurcated to 4x4
  • Protocol NVMe
  • Power Consumption (Typical) 27W
  • Usage 24/7 Operation
  • Operation Temperature 0 degrees C to 70 degrees C
  • RoHS Compliance European Union (EU) ROHS Compliance
  • Product Health Monitoring SMART* commands

    *SMART = Self-Monitoring, Analysis & Reporting Technology

  • Hardware Interface Available PCIe slot


  • Region of Interest (ROI) Enables region optimization
  • Closed Captioning EIA CEA-708 for encode and decode
  • High Dynamic Range HDR10 and HDR10+ for H.264 & H.265
  • Low Latency Sub-frame latency
  • IDR Insert Forced IDR frame inserts at any location
  • GOP Structure 8 presets, customizable GOP structure



H.264/H.265 Encode and Decode


CBP/BP/ XP/MP/HiP /HiP10/ Main/Main10


1 to 6.2 Main-Tier


32×32 to 8192×5120

Scan Type



64kbit/s to 700Mbit/s


FFmpeg SDK, Direct Integration with LibXcoder API, GStreamer


4x 4Kp60 or 16x 1080p60



How NETINT Video Transcoders Are Being Used

Live Video Streaming Services

High Density Encoding | 4k/HDR | Ultra-low Latency | Scalability | Future Proofing

Cloud Mobile Gaming AR/VR

Ultra-low latency network architecture | Lowest TCO | Scalable infrastructure | 4k/HDR

Social Media Video Streaming

Hyperscale architecture | Lowest TCO | Modern server support x86 & Arm | Scalable infrastructure


High Density Encoding Architecture | Real Time Encoding | Scalability | Future Proof

Video Conferencing

WebRTC support - Ultra-low Latency - Real Time Encoding - Scalability - Encoding Density

Ad Insertion

High Density Encoding Architecture - Faster than real time encoding - HDR/4K ready

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