Netint technologies


Netint 8K Video Trancoding Server


Get 192 Broadcast Quality 1080p60 Live Streams in a 1RU Supermicro SYS-120U-TNR Server

High Density

8K Live Streaming

Ultra Energy Efficient

Low Latency

Best in class high throughput, 8K multi-stream transcoding server
Simple setup and integration with FFmpeg and open source tools
Workloads include live streaming, real-time video applications
AV1, HEVC and H.264 codecs with support for 8K and 4K resolution with 10-bit HDR.
Reduces CO2 emissions by 80x compared with software encoding
40x higher channel density than software encoding on CPU
Quadra T1
Leveraging FFmpeg, the Supermicro Video Transcoding Server provides an open-source suite of video processing tools. Video operators can easily and quickly integrate the Supermicro Video Transcoding Server into their existing encoding infrastructure.

Quadra T1 + Supermicro SYS-120U-TNR Server

The Supermicro Video Transcoding Server is built on the Supermicro Ultra series and features advanced encoding capability enabled by twelve NETINT Quadra T1 Video Processing Units. The Quadra T1 VPU is powered by the Codensity G5 ASIC video transcoder with built-in AI and ML computational blocks. Quadra T1 supports AV1, HEVC and H.264 video encoding at up to 8K resolution and with 10-bit HDR.

With the birth of the metaverse and interactive streaming video applications such as cloud gaming and video conferencing, streaming video platforms are facing operational pressure to improve both encoding performance and power efficiency while minimizing their environmental footprint. 

The Supermicro Video Transcoding Server future proofs hyper-scale real-time streaming video platforms with higher levels of performance compared to CPU based software-encoding systems, while simultaneously reducing TCO by as much as 40x and carbon emissions 80x.



Video Encoding with Lowest TCO and Highest Density

Total Cost of Ownership

The Supermicro Video Transcoding Server enables a reduction in TCO for hyperscale cloud platforms and video service providers.

Using Codensity ASIC-powered video processing units, video services and platforms can reduce their TCO and server footprint by 40x while reducing carbon emissions 80x as compared to CPU-powered software video transcoders.

This increase in encoding density expands the number of channels that can be encoded without increasing the rack footprint.

Reduced power and HVAC costs mean a lower TCO and higher density can be achieved without sacrificing video quality or latency.

58W Total Server Power Per Stream
Lowest TCO and Highest Density-1


Software on CPU*
1W Total Server Power Per Stream
Lowest TCO and Highest Density-2


NETINT Video Transcoder*
Lowest TCO and Highest Density-3supermicro
*Total Annual Operating Cost Per 10,000 Streams