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Codensity™ G4

ASIC Video Transcoder

Codensity G4 combines on-chip H.264 and HEVC video encoding and processing engines which deliver scalability for video-intensive live streaming applications.

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Netint Codensity G4, ASIC-based Technology for Video Processing

G4 Video Transcoder Innovation

4K UHD Video Encoding

On-chip H.264 and HEVC encoders and decoders deliver 4K live streaming scalability. Today, video is streamed using the ubiquitous HEVC is a more complex codec that requires up to 10x the processing power over H.264. This limits the scalability of software encoding, including GPU-based video processing solutions. Codensity G4 delivers the flexibility and quality of software with the scalability of hardware

Flexible Architecture

Multiprocessor architecture supports unique data access and storage requirements. Works with x86 and Arm servers. The Codensity G4 is based on a programmable microprocessor architecture, allowing NETINT engineers to optimize the Flash Translation Layer (FTL) and pipeline processing to your application and system priorities, often leading to large performance increases and increased video quality.

PCIe 4.0 Performance

PCIe 4.0 delivers speeds not available with standard technologies between host and video engines. Codensity G4 is one of the first ASIC's in the market to support the latest PCIe 4.0 standard, delivering 2x the throughput compared to the slower PCI 3.0 standard. This enables a 1RU Codensity powered server to encode up to 40 1080p60 live streams at broadcast quality.

NVMe Interface

NETINT Codensity G4 unleashes the speed of solid state non-volatile memory access using NVMe. Legacy data access protocols, including SATA and SAS, were designed during the hard disk drive era. NVMe was designed from the ground up to achieve the speed potential of solid state non-volatile memory (NVM) technology. Codensity G4 is built on modern technologies.

10x YOUR Density Over Software Encoders

Codensity G4 Architecture


Codensity G4

The Codensity G4 ASIC is the video processing and encoding engine

NETINT Codensity ASICs enable cloud data centers, edge computing companies, and content providers to deploy scalable high performance applications, while minimizing their data storage and video processing costs. We are focused on moving modern video workflows from software to hardware in the data center using purpose built ASIC technology.

We exist to reduce the TCO of hyperscale video platforms and services by converting the world from software-based video encoding to ASIC-based video encoding so that our customers can improve scalability, lower their carbon footprint, and operate more economically. 

Using ASICs you can reach environmental sustainability by reducing CO2 up to 80 times or more, compared to software running in a data center.

Using ASICs you can achieve a 10x or higher density and performance gain compared with software-based video encoding running on CPU. This leads to a corresponding TCO savings and vastly improved environmental impact by way of reduced CO2 emissions.

NETINT Codensity ASIC’s provide a massive cost advantage. Many customers report operational costs as low as $150 per channel for a 1080p broadcast live stream. Unlike software encoding where the operational costs for advanced codecs such as HEVC or AV1 greatly increase TCO, using Codensity ASICs, whether H.264, HEVC, or AV1, the operational cost advantages remain the same.